Can we get personal for a moment?

Wouldn’t you rather have a financial advisor who talks with you instead of at you, who genuinely wants to hear what you have to say and has empathy for what you’ve been through? Someone you can talk to openly about your life and your personal money matters. A financial advisor who can clear up uncertainties and simplify complexities in a warm and relatable human way.

At Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group, you will not only find such an advisor, but an entire team of experienced financial professionals and smart money managers who are truly committed to you and your financial well-being. What we’re all about can be summed up in these four words:

“Personal Relationships, Trustworthy Guidance.”

An experienced and credentialed team singularly focused on you

Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group

Left to right: Jessica Giles, Marian Neumeyer, Dylan Blomgren, Sonia Jenkins, Peter Ketchand, Kellie Ettlin, Matthew Olsen, Katie Carver, Lydia Ormsby, Sarah Moody, Karin Frisk.

Personal touches are a hallmark of our practice, but perhaps none sweeter than the candy bowl that we continually refresh.